So, how can organizations take control of their employer brand and overall online reputation? If you already have a response policy in place, then you’ll have established guidelines for responding to negative employer reviews. It’s often part of a larger brand-management policy or a policy governing social media and internet use. Glassdoor allows employers to respond to reviews on their site, and 65 percent of job seekers said doing so would improve their perception of a company. Set up your free employer account to sign up for alerts when new reviews are posted, so you can respond promptly. This works best if one person “owns” Glassdoor and delegates out tasks as needed.

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As recruitment processes and the world of work continue to take digital shifts, reviews will become increasingly important in making or breaking a candidate’s decision to join your organization. In doing so, you’ll improve your employer brand by creating a strong employer brand and a positive presence where it counts – and where it makes a difference. Responding to reviews is perhaps the most important method in creating a strong brand presence on employer review sites. And, while both types of reviews can be easy to view and dismiss, leaving thoughtful replies is a guaranteed way to show candidates and employees that you care – regardless of whether the feedback is positive or negative. In fact, 80% of job-seekers who read reviews on Glassdoor say their perception of a company improves after seeing an employer respond to a review. CareerBliss features over 3.5 million job postings, 4 million salaries and 700,000 company reviews, according to its website.

Benchmarks: What Is A Good Company Review?

Reviews on sites like Glassdoor can give job seekers a realistic preview of what it’s like to work at your company, so you can attract the right people for your roles. Using anonymous contributions from former and current employees who post reviews on the site, it has created community guidelines that regulate the information provided to attempt to make it as trustworthy as possible. Nonetheless, job seekers should research any company they are thinking of applying for. Glassdoor is a trusted employee review site with a massive following – you can’t afford to ignore it if you’re serious about reputation management. Always work proactively and use negative reviews to improve your employees working conditions – this is the best way to improve perceptions and employee sentiment. After this, a continuous plan to encourage positive reviews by employees can raise your average rating over time. If you’re researching a company and the only resources you can find are from the organization itself, with little insight from past or current employees, you might want to branch out to get another perspective.

Paul Wolfe, former CHRO of Indeed, said that what separates Blind from sites such as Indeed and Glassdoor is that it is “more conversational,” and he has seen “bashing of companies” on the site. The network’s popularity has grown beyond Silicon Valley as more workers are changing jobs. Adding a review will help others ask the right questions when applying. Bridge the gap between employer and employee expectations with a new approach to coaching.

Increase Employer Review Site Ratings And Amplify Employer Brand

It’s always better to be proactive and manage your brand, whether on your own careers page, in the media, on social media, and especially on Monitoring your brand on review sites is especially important if your company has recently had a round of layoffs. In a case like layoffs due to restructuring, your chances that an employee will leave a negative review are lessened if you give them the support they need upon leaving your organization. However, whether you provide career transition services or not, it’s best to have a plan ready for response. An organization’s employer brand is often in the hands of its candidates and employees.

And former employee reviews can be especially hard to take, particularly if they feel unwarranted. Ask your employees to share their feedback reviews about benefits, especially when you roll out something new. First, they can give you the competitive edge to hire top-tier talent.

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