reviews of a legitimate parcel delivery company

I just reply him okay and thank you. I feel so disgusting about what this guy do and talk. Then he asked me if I wanna marry him😂 so after I reject him he said he would send a parcel to me it’s his mum gift. I need to accept it if not his mum will be disappointed. I asked him not to send cause I don’t want the things.

Claim your profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and connect with customers. Suggested companies are based on people’s browsing tendencies. First time I have used this company, could not have gone smoother. Thinking it was just a mistake and easily sorted I emailed them.

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You have several ways to enter tracking information. Copy and paste the tracking number into Parcel . If you have the iMac version you simply right click on the tracking number you get from the email or vendor website that provides your shipping information. Go down to Services and click this app. It updates your delivery as the shipping service updates their information.

reviews of a legitimate parcel delivery company

It provides a very thorough accounting of exactly where your package is and when it will arrive at its final shipping destination. I can honestly say that I always have the latest tracking information when using this Ap. This Ap appears to work very well with, and it accurately reports tracking for ALL of the major shipping companies across the USA and abroad… If you’re looking for a single Ap to handle ALL of your tracking needs, then this is the Ap for you. I no longer have to deal with ten different Aps to track my packages because now I have all of my tracking needs covered with just this single Ap… ‘The this app Ap’, folks…it truly amazes the entire world 🌎 and that’s the truth, because I say so… I needed a parcel collected and delivered and having never done it before checked a few companies on trust pilot.

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I had weighed and measured my parcel very carefully so I wasn’t worried at this point. I will be taking action to get my money back.

He said he is a korean with a job "independent contractor" we chatted in the app called "hangouts" he made me download it. He home packing jobs have a sweet tounge and know how to deal with girls. After 3 DAYS he said he’ll send me a gift/luggage with money inside.

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It’s a completely normal tracing service. Sure I had mu doubts but the package arrived just fine and the timing was on point.

Elite Courier Express Delivery Review:

### i never asked them to send me package .. Buthe send he does sent it to me .. What the hell no package on tracking., i noticed that they are using same photo of airway bill, and sometimes same photo but they just edit it .. And i noticed that it has the same signature ..

He even send a prove of what’s he’s busy with just to blind you . ALEX WALTER, I’ve been scammed by this guy.

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But he just sent me the fake passport. So therefore, I called back to this delivery company and asked them to send back the parcel to UK. They told me that I have to pay 1, 000USD to returning back the parcel. At the end, I don’t know whether the parcel is real or not, I’m just know that please do not easily trusting every stranger. Parcelsapp is a fake, do not believe the positive reviews. Tracking service is a scam to lead you on, contact immediately. is not

Even the man i was chatting for almost 3weeks, he was part of them. He will send u photos from offshore, he made me believe him, dont trust this namr KELLY JOHNSON.. I hope all of them will go to jail.. I am Mr Micheal from ELITE Courier Service. Thanks for choosing ELITE Courier Delivery Service.

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