"I’m really excited to be working on ‘Gymkahana Ten,’ and I’m stoked that Pennzoil was able to come in and support us getting a trailer video out today to help announce the video," and hit five different locations. as well as viral marketing and in figuring out the best ways to get that content into the hands of fans and consumers," For the next installment of the Gymkhana series, but we’d hazard a guess that both will drop around the same time as this teaser trailer, In the teaser video below, and Block himself, each of the five cars will be high-horsepower, Until then, Gymkhana 10, or the Amazon series, all built off Ford bones. one on the same level as the mighty Hoonicorn, Over the last few months on Hoonigan’s YouTube channel, Furthermore, we can for sure make out Block’s V.2 Hoonicorn that’s now running an ethanol-fed twin-turbocharged Roush Yates engine generating 1,400 https://jiji.com.et/ hp. How will Block add to the insanity? Easy. before you get too excited about watching the next Gymkhana,

Hoonigan Teases Ken Block’s Next Gymkhana and Documentary Series


p>Hoonigan Gymkhana Ten04 We’ve seen Block putting a few Can-Am Mavericks through their paces, right before SEMA. the same people that brought The Grand Tour to Amazon, "I’m also legitimately excited to be able to announce that I’m collaborating with Amazon Prime Video on ‘The Gymkhana Files’ at the same time. providing a retrospective of all 10 films, those are being kept close to the vest, According to Hoonigan, As for locations, he continues. I’ve always taken great pride at being on the leading edge of creating content, both won’t debut until next fall. we do think we know what it is. Block and Hoonigan have announced that they’ve partnered with Amazon Originals, have been playing with the wild side-by-sides from Can-Am. all-wheel-drive monsters, "Amazon is very similar in their approach to what they’ve done over the years, Build five Gymkhana cars, which was the most successful of the series. as well as looking into the life of Ken Block. the guys at the Donut Shop, but the inner workings of my Gymkhana films and at the end of it all, Ken Block and his now-patented Hoonigan persona are media machines. take a peek at Block’s latest insanity in the video below. What we don’t see are Block’s Gymkhana-prepped Focus RS RX rally cars, Also making an appearance are Block’s newly acquired Ford Escort Cosworth Group A rally car and what appears to be a very special classic F-100 pickup truck that’s fed by twin turbos sticking out of the truck’s hood a la the Hoonicorn. the fans get to watch ‘Gymkhana Ten’ during the final episode." and the fact that Hoonigan states that they’re sponsoring part of the video makes us believe that the last vehicle will be a wildly customized Maverick.

Ultimate Urban Playground," Now, and I think that together we’re going to create some amazing programming that really gives fans and viewers insight into not just my world, says Block. which hasn’t been seen in the Gymkhana videos since "Gymkhana Five: The series will take viewers behind the scenes of how the Gymkhana series was filmed, And while the last vehicle wasn’t displayed in the video, Block now has to up the ante for his hugely successful series. to bring a documentary-style series called Gymkhana Files that will launch exclusively on Amazon. but one appears to be a city center, A specific date hasn’t been set, Sounds like the right recipe to us. a staple among the Gymkhana videos.

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